Service Bureau

Review Med’s Bill Review process is one of the cornerstones of our total cost-containment programs. We employ technically trained bill auditors all with an average of 17+ years direct industry experience. Each bill is reviewed by one of our auditors. Nothing auto-posts or is reviewed by the system only.
Our review includes verification of:

  • Accuracy of all codes billed
  • Documentation in the medical record for each itemized charge
  • Medical appropriateness
  • Inclusion of non-billable charges on the bill
  • Billing compliance to state and federal guidelines including Medicare
  • CMS and the Correct Coding Initiative
  • Duplication errors
  • Identification and correction of instances of unbundling
  • Overcharging based on industry standard

Review Med audits bills using cutting-edge technology. Our software is programmed to re-price all states and all bill types. It also includes re-pricing to usual and customary for every jurisdiction and supports Liability and PIP audit as well. Software updates are implemented as soon as changes to fee schedules or other re-pricing structures are made available. Changes are tracked and system updates are confirmed by Review Med’s compliance officer.

Paperless processing is standard for us. Review Med scans and retains bill images in electronic media for our customers that do not have scanning capability. Our system is able to import scanned images (all documents) from our clients as well as providing all output electronically for clients that support this model. We can pull in bill images, process from those images and supply EOBs and bill copies as well as any other documents back to our clients and the original bills need never leave the client’s site.

Our software encompasses an electronic portal allowing our clients access to all bill review information in real time and the ability to generate EOBs and bill images.


We utilize state of the art software that encompasses eBill receiver solutions to meet eBilling requirements in all states. In addition, we have documented processes and system tools to make this efficient for our clients. The Examiner Toolbox is an electronic portal where clients can view and print the faux bill images created from eBill data. It encompasses on-line approval tool and a notes component where adjusters can provide processing instructions and other information on the bills to be processed.