Bill Review

“Doing the Right Thing” is at the core of our bill review operation for Review Med. Our philosophy is to process a bill appropriately the first time so that all parties only touch a bill one time. We work to determine client expectations early in our client relationships and develop methods to establish and measure satisfaction based on these expectations. With our expert service come exceptional results, we pride ourselves on getting the best savings for our customer while meeting stringent performance objectives. Our customer service philosophy is that business is earned every day. We commit to:

  • A response to client requests within 24 hours
  • Keeping open lines of communication at the level that makes the most sense with no restrictions
  • Proving the effectiveness of our services and demonstrating a return on investment
  • Optimize Savings
  • Agreed upon turn-around-time

Service Bureau

Review Med’s Bill Review process is one of the cornerstones of our total cost-containment programs. We employ technically trained bill auditors all with 17+ years…


Our AuditEdge™ program encompasses both specialty bill review and negotiations for high dollar medical bills on workers’ compensation bills…

Technological Capabilities

All of our systems are integrated. We communicate information at the claim level via a shared notes system. Bill review history as well as current data is captured…