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Bill Review

Yes. There are gaps and grey areas in every workers’ comp fee schedule. Client’s can benefit from a thorough line by line audit and/or negotiation by a professional auditor.

Yes. We can work in concert with your standard bill review vendor to provide AuditEdge™ specialty bill review and negotiation services. These are an excellent enhancement typically having a significant impact on cost containment.

No. The trend in our industry in recent years is to automate as many things as possible. Unfortunately, automation in bill review means that quality suffers. Our intricate processes and thorough review of each bill ensure every component is considered in audit. This equates to substantial cost savings, reduces appeals, and ensures that everyone “touches” the bill only once.

While the software is very important to the process, we believe it is the auditor that makes the biggest difference in the bill review process and appropriate reductions.

Review Med and our technical support team build to the specifications dictated by our customer. If you have a current interface in place, we can replicate that with minimal input from you or your technical resources. By taking on the bulk of the work, it will require little effort on the client’s part therefore minimizing or eliminating the cost.

Utilization Review

UR is the process used by employers or claims administrators to review medical treatment requested or preformed for the injured worker, to determine if the treatment proposed or received is medically necessary.

Prospectively (before services are provided)
Concurrently (extension of on-going health care)
Retrospectively (after services are provided)

Many jurisdictions require organization’s to be certified or accredited to conduct UR.  Even when it is not mandated by jurisdiction, having an unbiased third party medical determination by a  provider who actively treats injured workers with understanding of the workers’ compensation system, holds a great deal of weight in a hearing.

Not necessarily. Utilization Review is not a guarantee of payment.  An authorization only means that the reviewer has found the request medically necessary and appropriate. The employer or claims administrator can dispute the bill for reasons not related to medical necessity.

Medical Treatment Guidelines can vary by state and are the standards of care for treating injured workers. The guidelines are based on the best available medical evidence and the consensus of experienced medical professionals.
Return to Work Guidelines are essential to useful disability outcomes and overall employee health and productivity.
The American Medical Association (AMA) Guidelines are the impairment rating system utilized to determine the overall level of impairment after injury or disease.

Case Management

Our processes and standards set us apart from the crowd.  We focus on customer service and provide all services on an individualized basis to meet our client’s needs.  Our successes prove we are the premier leader providing disability management services.

Review Med offers case managers who are familiar with Workers’ Compensation, Defense Base Act, Catastrophic, LTD, and Inland Marine.  Also, our case managers have clinical expertise in various areas of nursing care with an average experience base of 16 years.

We require our case managers to be a RN or a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor as well as having an appropriate certification such as CCM, CRC, CIRS or CDMS.

Yes.  Review Med offers national coverage to “bridge the gap” for an injured party and ensures that appropriate treatment, support and case resolution are efficient and cost effective.

Did you Know?

We offer a “boutique” service allowing our clients to customize their program? We can receive any referral via email, ftp, fax or have an account manager pick it up? Our savings for bill review exceeds our competitors. Ask us how.