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“There is such a difference when you have nurse who knows what she’s doing and one that doesn’t.  I spoke to her and her info back was so thorough, she is phenomenal!”

—L.W., Supervisor

“Friendly, Fast, and Smooth. Review Med gets it, and there just isn’t a more trusted and well-respected service out there. I appreciate over 10 great years working together!”

—Sr. WC Claims Adjuster

“You won’t find a more flexible service. Review Med can find a solution to any specific problem you may have. Their bill review services are the best you’ll find.”

—Sr. Adjuster

“I can’t say enough great things about the staff at Review Med. I feel like everyone truly cares, and that’s the difference maker for me.”

—Field Case Manager

“I’ve used a TON of services in the past, but none compares to what I have found at Review Med. You all have earned a customer for life!”


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Why Choose Us?

Expertise/Clinical Experts

Review Med has built a team of seasoned industry professionals and an extraordinary clinical panel. This team presents with years and years of collective experience. Pooled together, we feel our team of professionals allows for a level of expertise and quality not otherwise found in the industry.

Customer Service/Flexible

Review Med’s solid reputation for customer service within the cost containment industry is the driving force for the overall operations of the company. This, coupled with our principles of integrity, quality and results, are echoed throughout every department at every level. We pride ourselves on this hands-on personal communication and attention to customer needs. This ensures the best overall program for our clients while instilling confidence in our service and trust in our team.

Return on Investment/Cost Savings

Our savings, quality and customer service are superior on a national level. Our results are demonstrated in the success of our current client’s programs. Each member of our team has been selected based on extensive experience, jurisdictional and industry-specific expertise, and an extremely high level of professionalism. We employ every possible tool to facilitate optimal care and contain cost to exactly what is appropriate.

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Review Med

Established as a corporation in 1997, Review Med provides Bill Review, Medical/Vocational Case Management, Medical Record Reviews, and Preauthorization.
Review Med
Review Med2 weeks ago
Review Med is closely following the developing conditions regarding COVID-19, and we are highly dedicated to ensuring the safety and well-being of our staff and clients. We want to remind everyone to take necessary precautions and follow preventative measures in order to protect yourself and others. For more information on COVID-19, visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website.
Review Med
Review Med2 weeks ago
What a perfect way to end the ASIA conference! A big thanks to everyone involved!
Review Med
Review Med2 weeks ago
Review Med had an absolute blast at the Kids Chance Bowling Tournament! Congrats to our clients on their big win!
Review Med
Review Med2 weeks ago
We had such a great time playing laser tag with our clients at the ASIA conference! So much fun!
Review Med
Review Med2 weeks ago
Review Med is very honored to be a member of ASIA. We admire their commitment to providing industry updates to Arkansas!
Review Med
Review Med3 weeks ago
It was such a pleasure exhibiting at the Flahive, Ogden, and Latson Seminar today!

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