Review Med Mentoring Initiative

This past fall Review Med launched an exciting in-house mentoring program for our staff’s young family members. Over several days during the fall and winter break, we invited our team to bring their children to join us for a working day.

“We wanted our families to gain exposure to work ethic and witness life skills being put to action. We thought it would be a fun experience and hoped ultimately they would gain a greater sense of respect and pride for their parent’s careers and hard work.” — Nelletta Ivey, Vice President, Operations

We were ecstatic at the response in participation in the program and inspired by the positive impact on morale for both our staff and the kids who participated.

Businesses started implementing similar mentoring opportunities for employees’ youth more than two decades ago when the Ms. Foundation created “Take Our Daughters To Work Day.” This program initially was launched in effort to bridge the gender gap by exposing young women to the workplace and motivate them to attend college and enter the workforce. This national program now includes both boys and girls to interact and get exposure to the work world.

We wanted to incorporate this purpose and mission on a smaller scale for our organization and our employees. As a corporation with an executive board that is comprised predominately of women, we know firsthand how important it is for any gender to gain exposure to strong mentors and productive workplaces. We believe that these interactions increase youth’s opportunity for success. Developing and empowering our company’s core, our team, is central to Review Med’s success and we were elated to extend this effort to their families.

“Young Adults who have mentoring exposure, are 130% more likely to hold leadership positions and 55% more likely to enroll in college.” —The Mentoring Effect, 2014

We hoped simply to enrich our employees’ youth with an engaging experience in a typical work day at Review Med. They would witness what hard and soft skills are necessary to succeed in a workplace, inspiring these youth to consider their futures and encourage them to start career discussions.

“It was such a great experience. I have never been able to bring my child to work and experience what I do at work. [My son] loved it and actually wanted to come back this coming Monday. It was good to see how his work ethic would be and he did really well. He quickly learned how to scan, fax, stuff envelopes and load paper in the printers. He is anxious to come back soon and has my nine year old asking me when he can come. He enjoyed sitting at his own desk and working. He said it reminded him of office scenes from a movie. We were also able to have some quality time together.”–  Connie Gaona, Utilization Review Representative

A surprising effect having these students in our work place? The entire Review Med organization felt inspired and fulfilled during the program. The ability to show our students what we do for a living, was uplifting. We all ended our day with a greater respect our own hard work and purpose.

“My niece thoroughly enjoyed working here for the day.  She stated that it was a great experience to see how an office works and to be able to help be a part of getting our product out.   It made her feel like getting out into the real world will not be so scary.  She would love to come back one day.  My experience with her here was an honor to show her what I do for a living.” —  Tami Johnson, Utilization Review Lead

Our team was honored to host this pilot program and proud of the youth that joined us.  We eagerly look forward to the next group of students that will get involved this spring.

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